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Eve, Jupiter, and More Car Ramming Copycats

The killing of a young baby sharing the name of the Biblical symbolic first woman, linked to the conflict over a pivotal location important to Jews, Christians, Roman pagans, and Muslims, may point to a future wave of contagion violence. The stalking of soldiers killed in similar situations may produce even more copycats.

The Temporal Context

Wednesday, October 22, 2014, was the date a terrorist attacked and killed a soldier at the National War Memorial. It also was the same day that an individual jumped the fence at the White House.

Thursday, October 23, 2014, two New York City police officers, at the corner of Jamaica Avenue and 160th Street, were attacked by a man with possible ties to Islamic extremism.

These events happened within the same week that the use of cars to ram and kill has the potential to become, anew, a copycat terrorist technique.

On Monday, October 20, 2014, Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25, ran over two soldiers, killing one, in a Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec supermarket parking lot. In September, ISIS had said this type of attack should be encouraged.

The October 20th incident appears to be a close copycat of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in London on May 22, 2013. Rigby was run over by two Muslim converts (two British men of Nigerian descent) before being stabbed and hacked to death.

So, what happened on October 22, 2014? What occurred in Israel that Americans and Canadians heard little about?

The Killing of Eve

A Palestinian man, Adbel-Rahman Shaloudi, 21, rammed his car into commuters waiting at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop in Jerusalem, Israel, on Wednesday, October 22. His actions killed a 3-month-old baby, Israeli police said. The U.S. State Department said the baby was "reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack."

The child, identified by her grandfather as Chaya Zissel Braun, was killed and several US citizens and Israelis were wounded.

Chaya means "alive, living." Chaya is related to the name Chava, who appears in the Bible as the first woman, i.e. Eve, (Genesis 3:20). Eve is an English given name for a female, derived from Eva, in turn originating with Hebrew חַוָּה (Chavah/Havah - chavah, to breathe, and chayah, to live, or to give life). The traditional meaning of Eve is "living."

Zissel means "sweet" in Yiddish. Braun is a name used by Germans and Jewish families for "brown," originally as the color of hair.

The young Chaya [Eve] was killed.

The driver of the vehicle was shot as he tried to flee and soon died, police and hospital officials said. Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld called it an apparent "intentioned event" and terror attack.

Rosenfeld tweeted: "Baby dies of injuries in hospital after this evening's terror attack in Jerusalem. Hospitals treating injured in different conditions."

Rosenfeld said in another tweet that the driver was an Arab resident of Silwan (East Jerusalem), who had served time in an Israeli prison for terrorism offenses.

A surveillance camera captured the horrific scene, which has been posted on social media. It shows a speeding car veering right, cutting across two lanes, mounting the station pavement and plowing through the people waiting at the stop.

As one Jewish news source noted:

After his daughter got medical treatment in Israel, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praised the murder of baby Chaya Zissel Braun.
"Have you killed and also inherited?"
Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas terrorist movement in Gaza, was full of praise for the Arab terrorist who drove into a crowd of Jewish people in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
Murdered in the attack was 3-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun, who had an American citizenship, who thrown from her stroller as a car swerved into the Ammunition Hill light rail station, injuring 9.
Chaya had been born after her parents had tried for years to have a baby to no avail, the grandfather Shimshon Halperin told the Jerusalem Post, adding that her parents were in shock, having just learned of her death.
"They had just returned from the Kotel. It was the first time in her life that the girl was at the Kotel. They [her parents] took pictures, they held her up to face the Temple Mount, and they told her this is the holy place," said Halperin. 
But the heartbreaking murder didn't stop Haniyeh from calling the terrorist a "martyr" and saying: "A murder for a murder, a conflict for a conflict, and a run-over attack for a run-over attack."
He was referring to an accident earlier this week in which a Palestinian girl was killed after a car crashed into them. The Jewish driver fled the scene, saying he feared he would be lynched, but reported the accident.... [See ColLive for more.]

Battle Over the Temple Mount/al-Aqsa Mosque

One of the major reasons for the car ramming appears to have been directly tied to the conflicts between Muslims and Jews over the Temple Mount/al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement, blaming Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for adding fuel to the soaring tensions in Jerusalem with recent antagonistic comments. Abbas "just a few days ago incited (Palestinians) to attack Jews in Jerusalem," Netanyahu said.

Abbas had called on Palestinians to prevent Jews "by any means" from visiting a Jerusalem holy site revered by both Muslims and Jews. He was referring to the hilltop compound sacred to Jews as the Temple Mount, where the two biblical Jewish Temples stood. It is also sacred to Muslims, who refer to it as Noble Sanctuary, the place from where they believe the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

The site is the holiest in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam, and a frequent flashpoint for Palestinian demonstrations.
The Temple Mount, known in Hebrew as Har haBáyit (Hebrew: הַר הַבַּיִת) or as Har haMoria (Hebrew : הַר הַמוריה) and in Arabic as the Haram al-Sharif (Arabic: الحرم القدسي الشريف‎, al-haram al-qudsī ash-sharīf), the Noble Sanctuary, is one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been used as a religious site for thousands of years. At least four religious traditions are known to have made use of the Temple Mount: Judaism, Christianity, Roman religion, and Islam. The present site is dominated by three monumental structures from the early Umayyad period: the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Chain. Herodian walls with additions dating back to the late Byzantine and early Islamic periods cut through the flanks of the Mount. It can be ascended via four gates, with guard posts of Israeli police in the vicinity of each. Source.
The Dome of the Rock is located at the visual center of a platform known as the Temple Mount. It is believed, or assumed by tradition, to have been constructed on the site of the Second Jewish Temple, which was destroyed during the Roman Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The Romans built a temple to Jupiter on the site.

Yes, Jupiter.

Car Rammings On The Rise
Considering what we saw happen in London in 2013, in Quebec last Monday, and in Israel on Wednesday, it does not take a crystal ball to predict the potential increase in "car rammings."

Formerly, copycat behavior was mirrored nearly exactly. But in recent years, copycatters are learning from previous incidents, and making corrections in their behaviors. The violence is being fine-tuned, to avoid military and law enforcement prevention of the events.

For several years, Jewish individuals have been aware of a new form of violence towards them by a minority of Arabs and Palestinians. On August 8, 2011, after years of this occurring, the Jerusalem Post termed them "ramming terror attacks."

Stratfor Global Intelligence observed that "while not thus far as deadly as suicide bombing," this tactic could prove more difficult to prevent.

I use the simple term "car rammings." ISIS has called for automobiles to be used thusly, and Hamas leaders are directly reinforcing the tactic of using vehicles as weapons.

There is a recent history of such incidents, from the USA and Israel, beginning less than a decade ago. Are we in for more of this?

Ali R. Warrayat, originally from Jordan, drove his car through the front doors of the Chandler, Arizona, Home Depot, barely missing an employee. He then tried to set the paint department on fire. He had placed a Palestinian flag and a copy of the Quran in the trunk of his car.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar, an Iranian Muslim, inspired by Allah and hatred for America, purposely drove his Jeep Cherokee into students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nine were injured.

Omeed Aziz Popal (pictured), originally of Afghanistan, struck 18 pedestrians, killing one, in the San Francisco Bay Area with his black Honda Pilot SUV.

In Israel, on July 2, 2008, and March 5, 2009, well-publicized terrorist-driven "bulldozer rampages" occurred.

The 2008 bulldozer terror attack was followed by the September 22, 2008, "Jerusalem BMW attack" in which a Palestinian drove a BMW saloon car into a group of off-duty soldiers, injuring 19, in Jerusalem, Israel.

An article of August 29, 2011, entitled "Ramming terror attacks in recent years," summarized such incidents.

South Tel Aviv attack is 5th of its kind in past three years, including "Nakba Day" attack, "Jerusalem bulldozer attacks." Seven people were injured in south Tel Aviv early Monday morning, after a terrorist from the West Bank carjacked a taxi and rammed it into a police road block protecting a Tel Aviv nightclub, before going on a stabbing spree.
Monday's attack comes after a similar attack in May on Nakba Day when a young truck driver from the Arab town of Kafr Kasim caused terrifying destruction in south Tel Aviv after ramming his truck into several vehicles on Bar-Lev Street, in what police suspected to be a “lonewolf terror attack” that killed one man and injured 17 others.
The 20-ton Volvo truck, driven by the 22-year-old man, departed Kafr Kasim on the morning of the attack and entered Tel Aviv via Route 4, driving through the Mesubim Junction. As the driver approached the Hatikva neighborhood, he struck and ran over several cars. The truck driver continued on, smashing into a black jeep, a white Fiat car, flattening a road sign, and striking other vehicles, before suddenly swerving into the opposite lane, running over a moped – seconds after its driver leapt off – then finally smashing sideways into an Egged bus, that just dropped off its last passenger.
The attacks are also reminiscent of the so-called "Jerusalem bulldozer attacks" three years ago that started on July 2 2008 when terrorist Husam Taysir Dwayat carried out a lethal bulldozer rampage on Jaffa Road which killed three people and wounded dozens before he was killed.
Three weeks later, tractor driver Ghassan Abu Tir, a 22-year-old resident of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Umm Tuba who was working on a construction project on a side street near the King David Hotel, pulled into King David Street and repeatedly crashed his vehicle into a No. 13 Egged bus, which managed to escape, and then rammed into five cars, one of which he overturned, before being shot dead by a motorist who happened by the scene. 15 people were wounded in the attack.
Two months later, east Jerusalem resident Kasem Mugrabi drove his BMW into a a crowd in Jerusalem's Tzahal Sqare near the Old City. 17 people were wounded, most of them soldiers, before he was shot dead by an IDF officer.

Watch out for a new upswing in copycat car rammings in 2014-2015.


Strasbourg Goltzius 1613
Hendrik Goltzius (1558–1617)
Musée des Beaux - Arts de Strasbourg

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Third White House Fence Jumper Since 9/11/2014

A man jumped the White House fence on the evening of October 22, 2014.

American Slave?

The individual arrested is Dominic Adesanya (name origin: Nigerian), who previously attended Stevenson University, Maryland. On his LinkedIn profile, Adesanya lists his job title as "American Slave." His profile also says, “Still waiting for Nathaniel Philip Rothschild and his father; Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild-4th Baron Rothschild to let me go. Whenever that day comes…”

Apparently, Adesanya is anti-Obama, as well.

You won't hear that much about the event, as wall-to-wall media discussions on Thursday appear to be mostly about the 22 October 2014, incident in Ottawa of the '''Lone Gunman' at Canada's War Memorial & Parliament Hill."

The Canadian terrorist, Michael Abdul Zehaf-Bibeau, was born Michael Joseph Hall, on 16 October 1982 in Quebec, and grew up in Laval, north of Montreal. He was shot dead by the Canadian Parliament's usually ceremonial Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers.
(I will talk about the possible upcoming copycats of similar incidents to the Canadian attacks, later, but first more about the White House jumpers, who are definitely in a copycat phase of their own.)

Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Maryland, barely made it onto the lawn before he was subdued as he fought two police dogs.
"Dog got him," a Secret Service spokesman said.
According to Adesanya's father, the jumper suffers from mental problems, and has been arrested at the White House before.
This time, the unarmed Adesanya has been charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer for attacking the K-9 dogs, four counts of resisting and unlawful entry, and one count of making threats, said Brian Leary, a Secret Service spokesman.
His father, who did not want to be named, told CNN affiliate WMAR that his son is paranoid and hears voices.
Adesanya was arrested near the White House about two months ago and charged with a misdemeanor, he said.
"He had done it before. ... He didn't get that close," the father told the affiliate. "He didn't cross the fence. He was at the gate, fussing at the people, wanting to talk to the President to tell the President about his situation."
The father said they've asked the government for help, without any success. He did not provide specifics on whom he sought help from.

Before officers moved in, Adesanya kicked a K-9 unit dog and punched another one. The two dogs -- Hurricane and Jordan -- were treated by a vet for injuries suffered in the incident.

Wednesday's incident is the third time (that we know about) in which someone has jumped the fence at the White House in since 9/11 of this year.

On September 19, 2014, Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, from Bell County, Texas, jumped the White House's North Fence, darted across the lawn and through the unlocked North Portico doors, and deeper into the White House, before officers finally tackled him. Gonzalez was armed with a small knife and had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car. Elaborate video shows the entire 9/19/14 security breach at White House. Gonzalez told the Secret Service that “he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get the information to the President of the United States so he could get the word out to the people,” according to the criminal complaint against him.

On September 11, 2014, Jeffrey Grossman, 26, Rensselaer, New York, wearing a Pokémon shirt & cap and carrying a Pikachu doll, climbed the fence, got onto the White House lawn, and created quite a scare. The jumper allegedly has mental disabilities, and wanted to ask President Obama about healthcare. Grossman has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York.

The copycat effect is in full operating mode.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Lone Gunman" at Canada's War Memorial & Parliament Hill

The day after...Halifax's The Chronicle Herald image by cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon is being called the "perfect tribute."

Breaking News on 10/22/14:

At least one person was shot this morning at a war memorial near Canada's Parliament in Ottawa.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a soldier was shot. Others have seen a body inside Parliament.

The active shooters ran towards Parliament Hill, got into the main entrance to the Canadian Parliament, fired dozens of shoots, and then moved through the hallway. Parliament went on lockdown, officials reported.

Various accounts discussed different parts of a confusing whole. The Red Dirt Report mentioned that there was a sighting of a "man with long black hair, his face covered by a white scarf with decals on it and wearing a black jacket."

A member of Parliament, Bob Zimmer tweeted that the "lone gunman is deceased."

The suspect has reportedly been identified as Canadian-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was was killed in a Center Block shootout.

(But there are other early reports there may be other shooters - two or three. And that they may be on the Parliament's roof. All seem to be incorrect.)

The suspect:

Michael Abdul Zehaf-Bibeau has been identified as the shooting suspect at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday. Zehaf-Bibeau is a Canadian native born in 1982.

"Zehaf" is Algerian, so some are speculating he is Algerian. Bibeau (Bibaud, Bibaut) is a French nickname for a heavy drinker, from a derivative of Latin bibere, "to drink."

Bibeau was shot dead by the Canadian Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. He was killed inside the Canadian Parliament’s Center Block building. 

The victim:

The soldier who died is said to have been a member of The Argylls of Canada - 91st Canadian Highlanders.

In a photo from this week, here is Cpl Cirillo (left), and Cpl Stevenson on Guard at The National War Memorial in Ottawa. Both are members of The Argylls of Canada.

The soldier has been identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist based out of Hamilton, Ontario.
The timing:

The Canadian contribution to the bombing of ISIS or IS have been codenamed Operation Impact by the Canadian Department of National Defence. Canadian fighter jets left for the Middle East to join in airstrikes on October 21, 2014.

October 22 is the anniversary from 1964, when a Canadian Multi-Party Parliamentary Committee selected the design which becomes the new official flag of Canada. (h/t RS)

The three-lobed Canadian maple leaf is often compared to a trident. (h/t RPJ)

Links abound, per Keys to Cosmic Doorways:

I think this is per Mark Gray.


Update/Noon Eastern:

There were two soldiers standing guard at the war memorial in Ottawa near Parliament, and a gunman shot one of them, a witness told CNN on Wednesday. Peter Henderson, a journalist, said other soldiers doing drills nearby ran to help the fallen soldier. Henderson said he knew the person shot was a soldier because of the ceremonial uniform the soldier was wearing.

There were "several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa" on Wednesday morning, police said on Twitter. "Incidents occurred at National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill." All Ottawa police buildings remain on lockdown and are closed to the public, police also said on Twitter.

There were "numerous gunmen" Wednesday morning at the Canada War Memorial shooting, said Marc Soucy of the Ottawa Police Service. Authorities are working to figure out if there were two or three gunmen, he said. Only one person was shot, Soucy said. Source.
Update/2:00 pm Eastern:

There are reports that one soldier was killed at the War Memorial. One gunman was also killed, apparently, inside Parliament.

Officials are saying that the reports of an incident near the Rideau Center (mall) has nothing to do with the shootings at the War Memorial and Parliament.

Today's events follows an incident on Monday, October 20, 2014, when 25-year-old Martin Couture-Rouleau ran over two soldiers. Couture-Rouleau was briefly detained at a Canadian airport in July 2013 when he sought to fly to Turkey. Police did not have enough evidence to charge him with seeking to join a terrorist group abroad and released him.

Couture-Rouleau was fatally shot by police after he struck the two soldiers with his car in a Quebec supermarket parking lot (shown above) -- a scenario which had been depicted only last month in IS propaganda. Police said Rouleau raced through a mall parking lot in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu about 11:30 a.m. Monday. He called 911 as this unfolded and told the operator that he was acting in the name of Allah.

The parking lot of the Tim Horton's where the solider was run down.

Late on Tuesday, Canada raised its national "terrorism" alert, officials said, after a soldier run over by a suspected jihadist died in hospital. That soldier's name is Patrice Vincent.

The Canada case appears to be a copycat of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in London in May 2013. Rigby was run over by two Muslim converts before being stabbed and hacked to death.

The statues at the top of the memorial symbolizes Peace and Liberty.

The National War Memorial is a cenotaph (surmounted by a bronze sculpture entitled "The Response") in stands in Confederation Square, Ottawa. A cenotaph is an "empty tomb" or a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek: κενοτάφιον = kenotaphion (kenos, one meaning being "empty," and taphos, "tomb").

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beyond Room 237: Pitch Perfect 237 and 9/11

The number 237 has been appearing frequently in synchromystic circles, of late. On October 14, 2014, I posted "Flight 237, Obama's 237, and Room 237." This was stimulated by the Flight 237 Ebola scare at Logan Airport, Boston. But it tracks back, today, to 9/11's beginning in Portland, Maine, via Logan Airport, to the Twin Towers in New York City.

"Room 237 is a deep rabbit hole." ~ Sibyl Hunter, May 26, 2014.

"Breaking Breaking Bad: 237." ~ iAhuasca, August 25, 2013.

In my 10.14.14 discussion, I posted the documentary, Room 237, which analyzes The Shining.


Room 237 has received film world praise. And thus it has spammed at least one good copycat, of sorts.

This new documentary is Pitch Perfect 237, by Cook St. Productions. (View here, if video does not show up.)

What quickly becomes apparent is that Pitch Perfect 237 - without getting in the way of itself - is a well-made documentary that has great synchromystic insights. It mixes the topic with equal parts of humor and deep twilight symbolism. This, of course, is being done as if one of the stars of the Twilight movies, Anna Kendrick, has some control over what is being revealed.

The secret behind the insights in Pitch Perfect 237 is the seemingly tongue-in-cheek observations on the role of 9/11 in Pitch Perfect, as if that is its primary hidden message. But even in humor individuals can decode twilight language.

Pitch Perfect 237 is clever. The male singers, The Troublemakers, sing a song (and act it out) about planes, and the Barden Bellas, dress as airline attendants, as they sing. Pitch Perfect 237 counts them and, humm, finds the numbers intriguing.

Enki King, who posted this video on his Facebook wall, also mentioned, "It just occurred to me that Anna Kendrick is from Portland Maine, and Mohammed Atta flew out of Portland International Jetport the morning of 9/11. Hmmm..."

I live in Portland, Maine, and have written of the mystery of Atta in Portland. Being in Portland, people also are very aware of the actress Anna Kendrick being from here. Portland is a small world.

"Kendrick was born [August 9, 1985] in Portland, Maine, the daughter of Janice (née Cooke), an accountant, and William K. Kendrick, a history teacher who also works in finance....She attended Deering High School in Portland," notes Wikipedia.

Anna Kendrick's "Beca" is given insights about the world through viewing The Breakfast Club.

Another actor from Portland, Maine appears in Pitch Perfect.  Judd Nelson is shown via film outtakes from The Breakfast Club.

"Nelson was born [November 28, 1959 or July 28, 1959 - both are given] in Portland, Maine, the son of Merle (née Royte), a court mediator and former member of the Maine state legislature, and Leonard Nelson, a corporate lawyer....He went to...Waynflete School in Portland, Maine," says Wikipedia.

To a conspiracy theorist, even a conspiracy humorist making links to 9/11, the fact that two Portland, Maine actors are in Pitch Perfect is a coincidence somewhat beyond statistical chance. Interestingly, the filmmaker of Pitch Perfect  237 never mentions the 9/11-Portland-Kendrick-Nelson links.

Another actress with Portland, Maine - and Waynflete - in her blood is Liv Tyler, who "was born Liv Rundgren [July 1, 1977] at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She is the only daughter of Bebe Buell, a model, singer, and former Playboy Playmate (Miss November 1974), and Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith....[She attended] Breakwater School and Waynflete School in Portland, Maine, before returning to New York City with her mother at age 12," mentions Wikipedia. In 2002, she starred in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - a film that has received its fair share of 9/11 analysis. Just saying.

Some of the imagery in Pitch Perfect - and Pitch Perfect 237 - such as this cover of Cat Scratch Fever over the head of Skylar Lipstein, is difficult to understand.

Of course, after viewing Pitch Perfect 237, you may be left scratching your head about why nothing was said about Room 334 appearing in Pitch Perfect. The clip of Room 334 is at 1:11 in Perfect Pitch 237.

I do have to note there was a strange televised program in 2010-2012 entitled Inside Room 334. It was a web series where a fictional deranged hotel owner installs a spy camera inside Room 334, and posts the clips he collects online. Bizarre, to say the least.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Aurora Woman Was Dawn of Serial Killer Case

This Aurora native with the first name of Afrikka was killed in Indiana.

Aurora means "dawn."

"My liveliest interest is not so much in things, as in relations of things. I have spent much time thinking about the alleged pseudo-relations that are called coincidences. What if some of them should not be coincidences?" ~ Charles Fort, Wild Talents (1932)

The discovery of the body of a young woman from Aurora, Colorado, was the beginning of the unraveling of the mystery of multiple murders in the Gary-Hammond, Indiana area.

Authorities identified the first of the seven victims as Afrika (also spelled Afrikka, in some accounts) Hardy, 19. Hardy was found unresponsive at a Motel 6 in the 3800-block of 179th Street in Hammond (shown above) around 9:30 p.m. Friday, October 17, 2014. An autopsy found on Sunday that she died as a result of strangulation.

Officials said three bodies were then discovered in abandoned homes in Gary late Saturday night, based on a statement or confession from the man in custody. He told officers over the course of time where six other women's bodies could be found. He may have talked of killing women over the course of several years.

The body of a woman police identified as Anith Jones, 35, of Merrillville, Indiana, was found in the 413 E. 43rd Avenue (shown above) in Gary, Indiana.

Early Sunday, the body of Teaira Batey, 28, of Gary, was found in an abandoned home in the 1800-block of East 19th Avenue. She was reported missing in late January, according to her boyfriend, Marvin Clinton.

Late on Sunday, another body, that of 36-year-old Christine Williams, was found at 2200 Massachusetts St. in Gary, Indiana.

Hours later, two more bodies were found in this house in the 400-block of east 43rd Avenue. They have not been identified.
"Once we find out who they are, we can do a timeline back to see who the last person was that they talked to or last person was who they were with and then the investigation can really take off," Gary Police Department Cpl. Gabrielle King said.

The man in custody has not yet been charged. Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson confirmed he is a sex offender from Austin, Texas, who moved to Gary in 2004.

The mayor said he moved many times and has court cases pending. He is also recently divorced. Freeman-Wilson said he filed in Lake Superior Court in East Chicago, Ind.

Police found three more bodies in Gary overnight. A total of seven bodies, all female, were discovered in northwest Indiana over the weekend, according to the Lake County coroner's office.

One body was found in the 4300-block of Massachusetts Street and two bodies were found in the 400-block of East 43rd Avenue Sunday night.

The suspect is Darren Deon Vann, 43. He is a former U.S. Marine, and a convicted sex offender in Texas.

The strange scene inside Vann's home.

Darren a masculine given name, with some theories state that it originated from a Gaelic surname meaning "burnt land or hill," or from an Anglicization of the Irish firstname Darragh or Dáire meaning "oak tree." The name Deon is an African-American baby name. In African-American the meaning of the name Deon is "God." The name Vann (Dutch, Welsh) is derived from the Middle English words fein, fayn, or fane, which all mean "glad."

(Thanks to R.S. on Aurora background for Ms. Hardy.)
The significance of the name Aurora surfaced in 2012. 
See the following for more details:

A few 2012 interviews, about the Aurora shootings: